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Faircount has created the definitive annual publication discussing what’s relevant and important in the space sector. It provides analysis, case studies, special reports and a large number of invited contributed columnists.

As such, Faircount has gathered together people from Government, academia, and industry who are helping shape the future of the space sector each year to create thought-leadership articles, and editorial features.

The publication covers all aspects of the space sector in Australia including interviews with Ministers and Australian Space Agency (ASA) executives, editorials and thought leadership pieces from the publication partners, and space industry professionals. 

The publication examines the new Australian Space Agency partnerships and industry agreements, update articles on the progress of the Australian Space Agency, case studies on Australian companies, and the new technologies and products they have to offer, as well as how we are creating and maintaining the STEM pipeline, and developing our space engineers, astronauts and space lawyers of the future.

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Faircount Media Group

Faircount Media Group publishes periodicals and special editions in government sectors such as disability, defence, infrastructure, space, and healthcare. Our customers include: the Royal Australian Navy, the Defence Science and Technology Group, the Australian Space Agency, the Royal Australian Regiment, NASA, the Australian Olympic Committee, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) plus many others. By combining high quality design, peer-reviewed editorial from subject matter experts, and targeted circulation, the company has used this winning formula to establish itself as a key player in the field.

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